Christian Programmers League

The Christian Programmers League is a fundamentalist programming community. We are fundamentalist Identity-Christian Israelites and reject this jewish world, and do not tolerate any sin. We must strive for Christian virtues both in our personal conduct and in the things we build on our own.

The Christian Programmers League is intended to create a non-secular, isolated ecosystem of independent works by Christians for Christians. We want a refuge for our weary souls. It is not intended as a means to spread the faith to unbelievers, or to get people to join.

Anyone who proclaims to be a member is a member, if he follows the rules:

Rules for CPL membership:

  1. You have to be a fundamentalist Identity-Christian Israelite.
  2. You have to strive for excellence in your craft. Yahweh has created the world and Adam and called them good, we in turn must create good things. Inferior or anti-Christian works are not permitted. If you don't know what excellence entails, you are not welcome.
  3. Anyone who falls away from the faith after becoming a CPL member can never be accepted back in.

Rules for CPL projects:

  1. Projects built as part of the CPL must be dedicated to Yahweh, public-source, and not for profit or personal gain. All CPL projects must contain a note indicating that they are part of the Christian Programmers League.
  2. These projects must be for the spiritual edification of Christian Israelites. This includes tools for study, tools for sovereignty and liberty in personal matters, tools aiding honest work, fellowship, tools archiving and promoting Christian culture, works of beauty, etc.
  3. No non-CPL members are allowed to contribute to CPL projects. Anyone who accepts their contributions to a CPL-designated project is expulsed for life.
  4. Any CPL work must state that it is only intended to be used by fundamentalist Identity-Christian Israelites. Users do not have to be programmers, or be part of the CPL. But the unbelievers should be left with the goyslop software they deserve.
  5. It is permitted to use non-CPL tools to build CPL projects.
  6. AI-generated works are not permitted. God had deliberate intent behind His creations, and AI does not have intent or deliberations.

Non-programming works

Other works can also be counted as CPL, even if they are not software, if they still adhere to the same spirit and goals. Art, music, literature, etc. are all welcome.