Christian Programmers League

The Christian Programmers League (CPL) is a loose association and declaration of values for true Christian programmers. I have founded the CPL on Sunday, 11.12.2022, 22:22:22 CET. We are not inclusive or tolerant, we only allow men among men. Anyone who follows our rules may proclaim to be a member, and there is no leadership besides Christ. The League is intended to form a network of elite programmers and to create a fully Christian software ecosystem. Projects are designated as part of the League to ward off evil.

Our rules:

  1. We are Christian fundamentalists and reject this jewish world, and do not tolerate any sin. We believe in the whole bible ("judeo-Christians" and Churchians aren't real Christans). We must strive for Christian virtues both in our personal conduct and in the things we build on our own.
  2. Only sons of Adam are allowed to be members; Women should not be programmers, but a man's helpmeet.
  3. Excellence in our craft: Yahweh has created the world and Adam and called them good, we in turn must create good things. Inferior or anti-Christian works are not permitted. If you don't know what excellence entails, you should leave.
  4. Only free software is eligible to be part of the CPL. All CPL projects must contain a note indicating that they are part of the Christian Programmers League.
  5. No non-CPL members are allowed to contribute to CPL projects. Anyone who accepts their contributions to a CPL-designated poject is expulsed for life.
  6. Anyone who falls away from the faith after becoming a CPL member can never be accepted back in.
  7. Any CPL work must state that it is not to be used by non-CPL members.
  8. It is permitted to use non-CPL tools to build CPL projects.
  9. Work done in the scope of an employment does not have to meet the CPL standards.